Guided Implants

Using the Galileos 3D imaging Dr. Bender is able to place dental implants precisely. Freehand implants, a currently accepted and readily practiced method of implant placement can be completely eliminated. The “surprise” element of implants is avoided. Using our planning software, unique surgical guides are developed. These guides ensure the dental implant is safely placed in the correct location while avoiding any vital structures.

Before the dental implant surgery the patient meets with Dr. Bender where together the situation will be assessed, treatment planned, and virtually restored before the treatment even begins.

The patient will join the doctor in reviewing digital representations of their treatment needs. This includes computerized images that reflect the shape, density, and other characteristics of their jawbone structures.
With the help of Dr. Bender the patient will determine the best treatment choice for replacing their tooth. During the phase of final restoration products are chosen based on their choice of crowns, abutments, shape, coloring, and sizing. The patient and Dr. Bender work together during the entire dental implant process to ensure the best possible outcome.

After the process of planning is completed the dental implant surgery will be one visit lasting about only 30 minutes.

Park Ave Dental Associates serves patients with dental implants in Cranston, Providence, Johnston, and Warwick RI.