Dental Cleanings for a Lifetime of Dental and Periodontal Health

The dental profession refers to the dental cleaning appointment as a “dental prophylaxis” or “prophy”. It plays the most significant part in prevention of dental disease and it is at this appointment that a full comprehensive oral exam is performed.

The routine dental cleaning should include:

  • Personal oral hygiene evaluation, home care review and recommendations
  • X-Rays
  • Tooth brushing and flossing instructions
  • Supra gingival (above the gum) scaling to remove the plaque and tarter from all visible tooth surfaces
  • Topical fluoride when indicated
  • Polishing the teeth
  • Nutrition assessment, if needed
  • Periodontal charting and scheduling of additional periodontal care as needed

The dental cleaning is the cornerstone for a lifetime of dental and over all health.

Park Ave Dental Associates' family dental care serves patients needing dental examination cleanings in Cranston, Providence, Johnston, and Warwick RI.